This Is What A 10 Ton Hydraulic Press Can Do

A 10 ton hydraulic press is a powerful machine that qualifies to be list under the mini hydraulic press machines. These machines have a pretty vast range of application, and that’s the reason why this machine size is growing popular in the industry. But what can these machines do? Well, there is so much that you can do with 10 ton hydraulic press, and this guide has covered a number of them. Check out the following

Making Food Packaging Cans

One of the many things that you can do with the 10 ton hydraulic press is forging food packaging cans. This is one of the fastest-growing industries as the canned food is quickly growing as the food preservation choice for many. So, if you invest in these machines, you are guaranteed to get the most out of the machine because the order will be many. This is probably the biggest application for these 10 ton hydraulic press.

Drinks Cans

The use of aluminium has also been growing pretty fast because of many reasons. First, aluminum does not corrode, making it ideal for drinks, which sometimes can be acidic packaging. The ability to recycle aluminum without losing the original properties is another reason why it is growing very fast. So, if you have invested in a 10 ton hydraulic press, you are likely to get a lot of orders for drinks cans.

Beauty Products Cans

Have you noticed a trend of packaging beauty products in metallic cans? Well, there are so many premium brands that are today packing their products using aluminum containers. However, other companies are using typical metals such as steel and costing the inner with the aluminium. There are so many types of chemical products that can also be packed using the containers forged using the 10 ton hydraulic press.

Electronic Parts

There are so many things electronic parts that you can form using the 10 ton hydraulic press. But probably the most common ones are the heat sinks. Formed from aluminum material, these are pretty easy to forge using these machines. If you are in the electronic making industry, these are just some of the many electronic parts you can forge.

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