Common Application Of Forged Components

Common Application Of Forged Components

When it comes to hot forging working products, you’ve got so many applications for them. In fact, almost all the metal parts and tools you see could have been made from forging. Hot forging probably one of the most popular methods, but cold forging is also gaining popularity.

So, what are the major applications of the hot forging working products? Well, there are many of them. Here are just some of the areas where you can use hot forged products:

Automotive and Trucks

No doubt that the automotive and tracks are some of the industries where hot forging is widely being used. These are quite sophisticated machines that use a lot of parts to make the entire unit, such as cars, bikes, or trucks. Most of these parts are hot forged, especially parts that are made from hard metals such as steel, iron, and alloys. Forging is more economical and offers high strength and reliable parts. From gears, shafts to clutch hubs, all these parts are hot forged.

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

The other area where the hot forging working products are being used in large volumes is the agricultural sector. You must have seen that this sector is highly getting mechanized to enhance efficiency and productivity. The machines that are being used in this sector have most of their parts hot forged. From the mulcher, trenchers to tractors, they have their parts and tools hot forged. Some of the tools we use on farms are also forged.

Hand Tools and Hardware

Most of the hand tools that you have at home are mostly hot forged. If you have pliers, hammers, and wrenches at home, all these parts are hot forged. Other tools and hardware at home that are hot forged include hooks, eye bolts, sockets, and wire-rope clips. Most people do not also know that things like pedestal caps, suspension clamps, and brackets are electrical hardware made from forging.

General Industrial Equipment

Last but not least of hot forging working products application is the general industrial equipment. The industrial equipment is usually very heavy. But their parts are as well made from hot forging. Even the hydraulic press machines have their parts made from forging technology. Most industrial equipment blanks, cylinders, bars, and frames are made from forging processes. Because these materials are usually very hard, e.g., steel and iron, most of these parts are hot

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