Importance Of Metal Detecting Features In CBI Grinders

Importance Of Metal Detecting Features In CBI Grinders

One of the key features that make CBI grinders is the many features that make it stand out from most of the available alternative are some of the key features. One of the biggest features that have made many investors go for these machines is metal detecting features.

Metal detecting feature is designed to help users and CBI grinder users to eliminate one of the biggest problems that come with grinding metal components in wood waste. The mechanism behind this feature enables the user to detect metallic components in the wood waste be it reaches the cutter tools and other delicate parts.

Here are 3 reasons why metal detecting features in the CBI grinders is crucial

Protecting Cutter Tools

One of the biggest casualties of metal mess in wood grinding is the cutter tools. From the hummer to the cutting blades or the grinder, these parts are greatly damaged by the metal elements in the wood waste being processed. Depending on the size of the metal pieces, you can have the blades broken, or you can have them blunted. Some of the damages such as breaking are permanent, and thus you will need to replace them. That is an extra cost that the metal detection feature is eliminating.

Protects The Rotor

Another part of the grinder that is damaged by metals is the rotor. Unlike other tools such as grinder teeth, rotors can withstand the beatings for a longer time. However, their lifespan is significantly reduced whenever they come in to contact with metal pieces. But it is a large metal piece; these parts are like to be badly damaged. The cost of replacing and repairing a faulty rotor is very high, and that is why it is important to put prevention measures. That is the reason why metal detection features in CBI grinders are important.

Protects screens

The screen of the CBI grinders or any other grinder for that matter is another part that is the feature is seeking to protect. Being the part where all the wood chips have to pass, it must come into contact with metal pieces when over there is any. That will cause the holes to be enlarged hence affecting its effectiveness in controlling the size of chips produced by the CBI grinders.

These are the reasons why you need to consider metal detecting features when investing in a wood grinder. Fortunately, CBI grinders have everything that you need.

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