Should You Buy Tungsten Carbide Tipped Stump Grinder Teeth? Yes And Read Why

Although most of the stump grinder teeth are carbide-tipped, there are many types of carbides used. That’s the reason some of the teeth wears out very fast and other last for longer. But should you buy tungsten carbide-tipped stump grinder teeth?

Well, there are many reasons why you should. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest metals and the highest grade of carbide material. That’s why it is recommended for cutter tools used in demanding conditions. Here are some of the reason why you should get tungsten carbide tipped stump grinder teeth:

Better Quality Teeth

One of the reasons why you should buy tungsten carbide-tipped stump grinder teeth is to improve the quality of the cutter tools. If you buy from a manufacturer that uses the best tungsten carbide materials, click for info about one, then you are guaranteed to get the best quality teeth. In fact, the grade of the carbide is one of the factors that define the quality of teeth.

High productivity

Productivity is crucial, especially if you are in the business. It is the amount of work that you do that determines how much you are paid. If the productivity of the machine is low, you can only do very little, and this means less money. The tungsten carbide-tipped stump grinder teeth offer high cutting performance, and this is what increases your machine productivity. Therefore, you can expect to retain high productivity for a long time.

High Machine Efficiency

The efficiency of your grinding machine will significantly improve with tungsten carbide-tipped stump grinder teeth. These cutter tools can retain a high cutting performance for a longer time, even without the need for sharpening. This is how the overall efficiency of the machine is retained high.

Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining a grinder that is fitted with tungsten carbide-tipped stump grinder teeth is very low. This is because the overall rate of wear and tear of the machine is significantly reduced. The number of repairs and maintenance that you need to carry out is significantly reduced. That’s how the maintenance cost of the grinder is reduced.

Higher Profits

If you are grinding for business, then tungsten carbide-tipped stump grinder teeth will significantly increase your profits. You will be having high productivity and still maintain the operation and maintenance cost low. That’s how you automatically increase your profits.

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