Simple Ways to Keep Your Farmhand Tub Grinder Parts in Good Condition

Simple Ways to Keep Your Farmhand Tub Grinder Parts in Good Condition

Farmhand tub grinders are some of the popular wood waste processing machines with small-scale contractors. They are small, simple in design and incur less cost to manage and operate. However, just like the other bigger models of the tub grinders, farmhand grinders wear parts must be maintained in their best condition for consistently high production.

Farmhand tub grinder wear parts such as teeth are the most affected by the wear and abrasion. That is because of the high exposure to highly abrasive condition during operation. Therefore, it could become a challenge to people who use machines on a regular basis to maintain them in their best condition. But there are simple ways that can help you improve your wear parts performance significantly. Check out the following:

Proper Use of Machine

One of the key things that you must always observe is how the farmhand tub grinder is being used. Just like any other machine, they must be used properly to ensure that everything works well. Make sure that the right quality of wood waste is being fed into the machine to avoid the problem of overloading. Note that by when the machine is overloaded, there is the likelihood of the wear parts wearing down very fast. Therefore, make sure that the right type of wood is ground and in the right quantity.

Maintain the Cooling System

One of the major causes of high rate of wear of farmhand tub grinder parts is overheating. Note that every machine produces a lot of heat while working. But this heat should be dealt with appropriately for the machine to work properly. When the grinder wear parts such as the teeth are exposed to too much heat, the rate if wear down rises. The result is the high cost of maintenance and replacement. In case your machine is air-cooled, which the case with most farmhand tub grinders, make sure that you are working in an open space to allow free air movement.

Replace Worn down Part

Last but not least is making replacement whenever there is a worn down part. That is very important when it comes to the to the grinder teeth. Once one or some teeth are faulty or worn down, they will also increase the rate of wear for other parts. Therefore, you must replace them quickly to keep the machine working correctly.

With these three simple tips, you can maintain your farmhand tub grinder parts in good condition for longer. The cost of running the farmhand tub grinder will also reduce significantly.


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