Key Wood Chipper Wear Parts You Need to Check Out Regularly

Key Wood Chipper Wear Parts You Need to Check Out Regularly

While operating a wood chipper, there are key wear parts you should keep checking regularly. These are the parts of the wood chipper that crucial to the entire wood chipping process. Most of these parts are also critical in determining the overall performance of the wood chipping machine. They are also the key parts of the machine that determines the quality of the chips that you get out of the chipping process. These are the wear parts that we are going to look at in this post. Check out the following:

Chipper Blades

These are the most critical wear parts of the wood chipper machine. They are the cutter tools or the parts of the machine that cuts the wood into small chips. One of the major reasons why you need to check these parts regularly is because of the nature of their function. Being the part that does the actual cutting, they are also likely to wear out very fast. Chipper blades are also likely to get dull and blunt, and this can reduce their performance. That is why you need to keep checking them on a regular basis to ensure they are always in good condition.

Chipper Screens

The second thing that most people ignore is the wood chipper screens. These are crucial parts of the machine that substantially determined the quality in terms of the size of the chips that the machine produces. The come in different sizes and that includes the size of the holes. But with time, these parts of the machine may start wearing out, and that could affect the quality of wood chips. That is why it is recommended that you check them regularly, especially if you are working throughout. That will help you identify the condition of the screen before it is too late.

Chipper Drum

The chipper drum is another critical part that you need to consider when it comes to wood chipper wear parts. This is one of the wear parts that greatly determines the volume of the chips or the general output of the machine. That is why it is important to keep checking its condition now and then. Any form of negligent on chipper, the drum will greatly affect the overall performance of the plant. It will also affect the productivity of the wood chipper.

With these three wood chipper wear parts in check, then you will never have a problem of poor performance. You will also never get complains of poor quality chips.


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